When I clear something, what I'm actually doing is raising the calibration, or frequency, of whatever you are experiencing, so that it's lighter, easier to live with, and more comfortable to explore.  I'm not really "getting rid of" anything...just its lower aspects.  If we're working with an experience in your past, you can more likely access the best of it.

To clear unwanted patterns and frequencies, I use a combination of Matrix Energetics (, Morphic Awakening ( and Now Healing (  All modalities work on a quantum basis, on all bodies (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and beyond), so that they can easily be used at a distance, and without regard for linear time.  We are not who or what we thought we were, and the reality is that more can be easily changed than we'd ever imagined.

The Card Deck of the Sidhe is an oracle deck created by David Spangler and Jeremy Berg in collaboration with the Sidhe (pronounced “shee”).  The Sidhe, a race of subtle beings and relatives of ours, long ago decided to maintain their connection with the stars rather than to focus on the earth energies, as the humans chose to do.  Although we are related, each of our races have very different abilities, and consequently much to offer each other in collaboration.  We share a quest for wholeness as a way of completing a long-ago promise we made to Gaia, to aid her evolution by raising our respective frequencies.

These cards were designed to be a portal to the dimension of the Sidhe, where we can start to connect to our own hidden dimensions, but they also serve admirably to foster partnership and collaboration with what we know, and what we don’t know.  So much more spacious than traditional tarot, they are my foundation deck…..


The Tarot of the Hidden Realm

Another portal to the land of the Fae, this deck is based on traditional tarot, but offers an expansive world, related to both the natural and supernatural environments. The fae see themselves as part of a whole, and this beautifully drawn deck inspires us to do the same.  I use this deck as an adjunct to the Sidhe deck….it seems to translate nicely between the archetypal and the human, without losing the sense of wholeness.  Sometimes you need to leave home, travel to distant lands, to learn to see what is right before you…..

astrological reading

I've been reading charts for more than 40 years.  When I started working with the clearings, I didn't see as much point in astrology, so I let it go.....What I see now is that it is a great help in reminding people that we live in a larger context than we had considered.  It offers a framework of description without judgment, delineating the elements of our lives in such a way that we still have room to move, to change, to grow. What mostly works here is reading the planets in the sky now against your natal chart, or your solar chart if no birth time is available.  Let’s find out what’s affecting you, and then clear it to find out how good life can be!