Here’s what people are saying:

I have been a great procrastinator all my life and that has caused me a great deal of suffering. To be quite honest, I didn't feel any energy shift during our session and I doubted any shift was going to come from it. However, I was very wrong. Since our session and as I write, although I am still very distracted when I write, the whole process has healed tremendously and the burden and self hatred and panic that I have lived with for tackling major responsibilities at the last minute has for the most part healed. For this, I cannot thank you enough. Your work has had a major impact on my life and for that I am very grateful. K.V.

During the session, I noticed many physical and emotional changes; some space pops up inside my head, or the center of my head is held and cured, which provides me with a feeling of fear-free. After the session, I feel confident, clear-minded, and focused. Always thank you for your powerful sessions. It helps me to get lifted and ready to take over challenges! Y.Y.

Immediate palpable aliveness filling body …. birthright heart that is often dormant coming forward …. strong every present …. Instincts become obvious and stand in front …. roaring worried intellect shrinks and extinguishes ….Vomiting of unwanted old patterns …. Become trusting what I know. D.L.

I had a session with you at the RVHHC Health Care Day. I wasn’t sure what to expect since this was all new to me. I did notice that I felt very at ease with you. I was curious, and at the end of the session I felt joy and “charged.” After the session I felt lighter, if that makes any sense.  During this past week I have been using my phone more to explore info, I have also felt more present. S.C.

Thanks for another wonderful consultation.  An old childhood pattern of interpersonal relating was affecting me in post-retirement, as I was considering how to share my skills with the world in a new way.  I was feeling confused and a little depressed. As we spoke it was clear that you understood me quickly and deeply, and as we worked together I could feel energy shifting in my body, as if binding knots were falling undone. On a daily basis I find myself both hearing and trusting in my own intuition and wisdom more. I find the state of not knowing to be interesting and full of potential instead of scary. I feel freed from a long-held internal battle. A few people I have spoken to on the phone have remarked about how well I sound and that my voice is more clear and strong.  So, again, thanks for your generosity in developing and sharing your amazing talents with me and others lucky enough to work with you.  R. M.

 As the session started, I felt the heaviness in my Heart. Your presence was very comforting, supportive, and safe which vibrationally created a very much needed peace!  The peace silenced the "monkey mind,” not just physically but vibrationally, causing an enormous shift. I felt very confident, the self-critic silenced, craving for alcohol lessened.  I wasn't feeling so worried about situations that grip me.  The issue we worked on is still taking on a different form.  The heart space meditation is sooo helpful. Thank you so much for your gift and knowledge that has the potential to vibrationally change my direction so that I can live from my true essence and being effortlessly!  I am very grateful for your wisdom and compassion! T.C.

I found the session very helpful in giving me pictures literally and otherwise about the general shape of things in my life at the moment. The session felt very affirming, supportive, and aspirational. It was helpful in the sense that it rounded out and supported decisions that I was in the midst of making about retirement. The session served like a mirror, looking back at myself, some substantial checking in time. I felt very settled afterwards.  E.B.

I found the addition of the cards to be an illuminating and useful part of our session together.  The visual element of the cards helped to elucidate your words. It was no longer simply a listening experience but became more sensory and alive. I now have these images and can refer to them which I appreciate.  As always, your reading of the chart was informative and affirming. Thank you for sharing your gifts. B.B.

During my session on the phone with Wendy, I could feel the energy moving through my body - I even cried a little. She said things that struck a deep chord and then lifted the weight of them. I felt lighter after the session and people told me I looked lighter, too. I highly recommend Wendy for all of the services she offers.  T.P.

I found the healing session with Wendy to be truly profound. My energy level was restored and I am now able to operate with hope and enthusiasm. I would recommend Wendy to anyone who truly desires to have clarity on a situation and the ability to proceed with their life's purpose.  I am listening to the recording and actually feeling the psychic healing. Amazing how it comes through. Sensations in my teeth are lessening, even going away.     -April James (stage and film director/producer)

 For the last two months I've been understudying at a well known classical off-broadway theater and my actor suddenly got sick and I had to go on! My jaw dropped because I didn't think it was going to happen, but I just surrendered to the moment and had a great time. Everything was taken care of and it's a major leap in my career...I very much feel the work we had to do opened something up so that this moment was possible. So, thank you, thank you!  Continuing to reflect on the transmission, and will be in touch again. Overall, I've been feeling much lighter and that a lot is possible.  M.H.