The perfect antidote to the maelstrom of current events?

Inner stability and a vibrant sense of purpose!

Reading your particular patterns and clearing away the obstructions is what I love to do.  Change can happen quickly and easily, opening doors to new insights, new stories, new experiences….a more profound sense of yourself and your gifts.  There are a number of ways we can play together to create new awareness, new experience.....

Clearing What's in the Way: a half-hour phone session, in which we start with your current experience of something unwanted, and clear the patterns that hold it in place.  $75, 30 minutes.  Bundle of 5 sessions, $325.  Hour long clearing also available.  $145, 60 minutes.  Bundle of 5 sessions, $650. (No recording of these sessions.)

Read and Clear: a one-hour phone session, in which I read a 5-card spread from the Card Deck of the Sidhe to see where you are standing now in relationship to your self and your world.  Then I clear old sticky patterns that you no longer need.  $145, 60 minutes. (Recording available)

Let's Look at Your Astrological Chart: in which I describe the effects of natal and transiting aspects, and raise their calibration so that you experience the best possible result.  Once we know how you've been affected, we clear the sticky part, and then you can experience the difference.  $145, 60 minutes; $200, 90 minutes. (Recording available)

One is Good, Two is Better: the Card Deck of the Sidhe, and the Hidden Realm Tarot.    A useful option for those who want more experience of the cards.  Clearings as time permits.  $145, 60 minutes; $200, 90 minutes. Recording available)

I’ll email you a photo of the card spread (or the two deck spread) before the session, and send the recorded session to you afterwards. 

Here’s what people are saying:

I found the session very helpful in giving me pictures literally and otherwise about the general shape of things in my life at the moment. The session felt very affirming, supportive, and aspirational. It was helpful in the sense that it rounded out and supported decisions that I was in the midst of making about retirement. The session served like a mirror, looking back at myself, some substantial checking in time. I felt very settled afterwards.  E.B.

I found the addition of the cards to be an illuminating and useful part of our session together.  The visual element of the cards helped to elucidate your words. It was no longer simply a listening experience but became more sensory and alive. I now have these images and can refer to them which I appreciate.  As always, your reading of the chart was informative and affirming. Thank you for sharing your gifts. B.B.

During my session on the phone with Wendy, I could feel the energy moving through my body - I even cried a little. She said things that struck a deep cord and then lifted the weight of them. I felt lighter after the session and people told me I looked lighter, too. I highly recommend Wendy for all of the services she offers.  T.P.

I found the healing session with Wendy to be truly profound. My energy level was restored and I am now able to operate with hope and enthusiasm. I would recommend Wendy to anyone who truly desires to have clarity on a situation and the ability to proceed with their life's purpose.  I am listening to the recording and actually feeling the psychic healing. Amazing how it comes through. Sensations in my teeth are lessening, even going away.     -April James (stage and film director/producer)

 For the last two months I've been understudying at a well known classical off-broadway theater and my actor suddenly got sick and I had to go on! My jaw dropped because I didn't think it was going to happen, but I just surrendered to the moment and had a great time. Everything was taken care of and it's a major leap in my career...I very much feel the work we had to do opened something up so that this moment was possible. So, thank you, thank you!  Continuing to reflect on the transmission, and will be in touch again. Overall, I've been feeling much lighter and that a lot is possible.  M.H.