The Gatherings serve as an introduction to the new realities which allow profound change to be easy and often immediate, coming from the space of the heart. We come together to practice that space, and to discover new ways to play in it, with ease and flow.  We have the opportunity to live in the space of miracles, but we aren’t going to get there through the mind, or what we think we know.  In order to live from greater possibility, we have to release old conditioning, including the thought that we “know,” which blocks the process of discovery.  As we go through the process of letting go, we find it easier when we shift our focus to the space of the heart.  There we find a larger context to live in, and live from… larger than everything we’ve been taught to believe is real, large enough to contain the miraculous.

 Here’s how your life could be different, from the spacious heart—


  • When you don’t need others to be a certain way, you can appreciate them as they are

  • Seeing any relationship from the spacious heart allows you a more complete perspective, unlimited by previous expectations and disappointments.

  • Give up judgment, replace it with discernment so you can appreciate the beauty of what is.

  • When you feel love, you are love…then everybody feels it!


  • Release conditioning from past lives that has limited your ability to receive.

  • Release what you learned from your parents and their ancestors that has taught you a negative lesson about money.

  • Allow yourself the sense of abundance, and create from there.


  • Reduce stress, change your brain waves.

  • Develop a loving, respectful relationship with your physical body and its abilities.

  • Allow even long-standing conditions to shift.

  • Whatever condition your body is in, use it to explore the connection between thoughts, feelings, and the physical world.

To easily experience the Heart Space, try the guided meditation recording on the first page of this website!

Gatherings in Tivoli are on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month, 5-7 pm.    Please email or call for more         518-755-2350

I have been a spiritual seeker for many years, having taken many workshops
and gone to various healers, etc. I began attending Wendy's gatherings about
a year ago, and was amazed at the deep and almost effortless transformation
I experienced though her Heart Space meditations and work. I emphasize
effortless, realizing how I have been trying so hard. The dropping into the
Heart Space and the resulting freedom and expansiveness continue to
truly amaze and deeply inspire me. I feel a deepening into my true
self and its unlimited power. The gatherings are so supportive and welcoming
and always surprising. I always leave them feeling wonderfully expansive,
seeing my life from a much bigger place, realizing that so much more is
possible. I am so grateful for Wendy and this work, which really feels like
play; come join us and see what is possible!   
JB, Stanfordville, NY

Physically, I have experienced breathing issues since I was a child.  The way I understood to treat any problem was with medicine and doctors.  I felt fear and worry associated with the doctors’ warnings.  I attend the Gatherings, and not one meeting goes by that we are not laughing!  What a difference in how that feels, and I am vastly improved.  Through the guided meditations I am able to easily access source energy, and something always changes.  I know that my vibration is much higher with this work.  AB, Tivoli, NY



  • Tivoli: Jan 2 and 16

  • Tivoli: Feb 6 and 20

  • Tivoli: Mar 6 and 20

  • Tivoli: Apr 3 and 17

  • Tivoli: May 1 and 15

  • Tivoli: June 5 and 19

  • Tivoli: July 3 and 17

  • Tivoli: Aug 7 and 21

  • Tivoli: Sept 4 and 18

  • Tivoli: Oct 2 and 16

  • Tivoli: Nov 6 and 20

  • Tivoli: Dec 4 and 18


Health Care is a Human Right offers free alternative clinics, some monthly, some quarterly.  I am usually at the Kingston clinic, the 2nd Thursday of the month,  4 - 7 PM at the Lace Mill, 165 Cornell St. in Kingston.

I am also usually at the Rondout Valley Holistic Health Community Healthcare Day, the 3rd Tuesday of the month, 4-8 PM at the Marbletown Community Center in Stone Ridge.