Neutral is the wrong word....


OK, so "neutral" is the wrong has connotations of not caring, and not acting, when it is perhaps obvious that caring is required, and acting is requisite.

What I'm really after is how are we to be, with the very disturbing events coming about through the Trump administration?  We now have the opportunity to really come of age, to stand up to protect the values of our country, to stand forth for justice, mercy, equality, and wholeness.  But after spending a week feverishly signing petitions, posting on social media, and calling senators, I see that I can't sustain those actions, given where I was coming from.

What's running this whole thing is fear....Trump's fear (of never being enough), and all of our fears, which he and his cohorts have been playing on like a symphony orchestra.  There's plenty to be afraid of, no question.  But at some point, I started to wonder about it all.

First, it was obvious that if I'm afraid, and acting out of fear, I'm contributing to Trump's power, regardless of the actions I take.  Not what I want to do.  I may not be clear about how to be part of the solution, but I WILL NOT be part of the problem.  It's most likely that from my own perspective, I can find a way to truly calm myself; not by ignoring what's happening, but by witnessing what's happening, from a centered, grounded space.

The centered, grounded space is what I was calling "neutral."  It is neutral, in that it is a peaceful space, with no push-pull.  In this atmosphere, my vision widens out, so that I can see past my own hysteria.  I can see that there are some checks and balances in the structure of our government that are still operational.  Do we still need to stand forth to make our positions clear to our elected officials?  Yes!   But I am not alone in this country, not the only one who sees the danger, not the only one who has to act with not the faintest idea of how to go about it.  There are lots of us, even in the government, and I see that we can stand together.

I can also see how crucial it is to be aware of what is happening, perhaps with some sense of the historical past.  Over the weekend, I saw "Hidden Figures," a glorious movie that celebrates the contribution of a group of African-American women whose work for NASA was instrumental in getting our astronauts into space and (not incidentally) back home.  I also saw Ava Du Vernay's "13th," which opened my eyes to the prison-industrial complex and its sordid history....or perhaps I should say, our sordid history of racism and continuing slavery.

This centered space I'm talking about, it has no blame in it.  Therefore, no defending against blame.  Which leaves space for actually seeing, and getting, the impact of what has happened, and what is happening now.  This is the space of infinite possibility, and so it contains the potential for every thought, feeling, emotion, story, etc.  Rage and grief may arise here...and can be felt, at one's choosing.  If I include myself in this space, then my feelings are also a part of it.  Then what?  If I close them away, refuse to experience them, I am continuing the pattern that has brought us to a divided country and Donald Trump.  I am ignoring a voice that is vital to wholeness.

If, from this spaciousness, I can bring myself to be aware of what I feel, and breathe into it, and from it, then there is no power over, only the power of.   Let me be clear:  the minute I hide my rage/grief/fear from myself, then always there is a hidden enemy, and always a need for a wall, to keep me safe from the unwanted.

(There's a difference between being in the rage/grief/fear, and being with it.  The difference is that in the first, you are drowning.  In the second, you are centered and breathing.)

Here's how I get to the centered space I'm talking about:

Close your eyes, and allow yourself to drop into your body.  Take a few full breaths, relaxing more on each exhale, dropping your attention downwards from your head into your chest.  When you can feel your weight coming into your butt if you're sitting, and your feet if you're standing, then take this journey.  Imagine that you are dropping a pebble into a very deep pool of water, and that you are going to follow it as it falls through the deepening blue.  Close to the surface, the surrounding color is light blue.  As the pebble descends, the blue becomes darker and darker, until the pebble comes to rest on the bottom in total blackness.  You come to rest with it.  Begin to notice what you notice in this new space.  It is dark, and boundless.  There is no thing in it, yet there is a sense of emptiness and fullness at the same time.  You are safe and at peace, with no sense of needing anything at all.  Rest here, and recognize that this is your True Self, the Space of your Heart (as in the heart of the matter).  This space, this emptiness, is at the core of everything, and is the space that surrounds everything, when we are centered in it.  It has no words, no criticism, no blame.  To stay in it, let go of thinking (if you're in it, you probably already have), feeling, time and space...just notice what you notice, if anything.

When you're ready to try something else, bring in something that has been troublesome, and let there be plenty of space around it.  Don't try to fix it or change it in any way.  It is fine, exactly the way it is.  See it clearly, from all sides.  What is it like, to see this person or situation, from this clear space?  The space itself is transformative, so don't be surprised if what you're regarding starts to change.  The key is, don't DO anything.  Let the space handle it.  Your role is "interested witness."

When you can bring yourself to look at something previously unseen, the need for a wall disappears, and what shows up instead is a bridge....A bridge to peace, to love, to full cognizance, and no fear.

So this is the core of my spiritual activism:  May the fearful be soothed, may the hungry be fed, may the homeless be housed. I may not be the one who performs those actions, but I will definitely be one of those who create the space for it to happen.  And without a different space than the atmosphere of fear and loathing, no real change is possible.

HAMILTON and the Angel of America

I've been wondering for awhile about the best way to "participate" with the election madness without getting sucked into a mental/emotional place that I don't want to even experience, much less spread around.  I normally wouldn't bother with the idea of participation; I'd just avoid the whole mess, go to the polls and vote, and put my attention elsewhere.  Except now, I'm seeing it differently.  It's not good enough to avoid the hysteria....I'd rather find and offer a stance that is more likely to produce what I want: peace, upliftment, and a vibrational frequency that will expand my sense of well-being....and then share that stance.

It's kind of interesting to me that "peace" now includes having a sense of purpose, and acting on's also interesting that I'm no longer satisfied to segregate my awareness of the election, to put it in a room by itself where it can be safely ignored....

I'd rather be seeing it with the same open curiosity that I bring to what I'm happy to focus on, which for now is collaboration with unseen beings who are available for partnership.  Guides, Angels, the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones of the Akashic Records, the's a big world out there, with a lot of help that is available for the asking...or perhaps I should say, with a lot of partnership that is available.

The difference between "help" and "partnership" has to do with how I see myself.  Do I have some strength of my own?  And am I willing to use it?  Or am I thinking that I have nothing worthwhile, and the subtle beings have it all?  I've learned a lot from reading David Spangler's writings ( Conversations with the Sidhe, and Subtle Worlds: An Explorer's Field Notes), largely about how important it is to value my sovereignty and agency as a human being.  Yes, I came here to learn, but I don't have to make myself into an entirely empty vessel in order to do that. So now what?

In a recent Gathering in Tivoli, I decided that it was crucially important to read from Spangler's most recent Views from the Borderland, yr 6, vol 2, (available by subscription only, from, because he was writing about the Angel of America...

All human groups...attract some kind of overlighting spirit, usually part of the angelic line of evolution.  The function of such a being is to work with the humans within its care as a group to advance their evolution.  How successful such a spirit may be at accomplishing this depends on many factors, including its own level of experience and the openness and willingness--and love-- of the humans with whom it is working.  It is quite possible for a human group to create obstructions and boundaries that prevent such an overlighting being from doing its work, just as it's possible for a group of humans to come into a deep and profound collaboration with its angelic companion. (p.4)

And from one of Spangler's subtle colleagues:

There are three major ideas which the Angel is fostering within the field of life that is the United States.  These are Sovereignty and the power of agency, freedom, and the ability to collaborate across differences in order to create wholeness....The United States came into being to be a place where all three ideas could be fostered in a deliberate and democratic manner, thereby accelerating their development and embodiment.  It is the Angel of America's task to help this happen.  In so doing, it works primarily with collective energies, though it can certainly inspire or overlight specific individuals if they attune to it, and if their lives offer an opportunity to advance the expression of these three ideas. (pp. 10-11)

Spangler got to talking about how we might align with the Angel--by attuning to the land, or through history and symbol (our founding documents, or the Gettysburg Address, or the American flag, the Liberty Bell, etc)--and I got the idea, but I couldn't get in...

I've never been a fan of American history, exactly.  My sense of all the symbols of America is that they're empty, or worse, distorted.  I remember a conversation I had with my then-husband...we were looking a houses, and I mentioned that I was put off by houses that had American eagles on the front.  Alan wanted to know why, so I said, "If you were looking for people who were broad-minded, open to new thoughts, creative, inventive, etc, would you go to a house that had an eagle on it?"  Even though we almost never saw anything the same way, he had to agree....

So if there has been a distortion of the symbols, it probably runs deeper than that.  Something has gotten old, stuck, and empty, and I bet I'm not the only one who feels it.  Which means we have to get in touch with the aliveness of the American Dream...not the media version that has diminished the dream into a frantic hunt for possessions and status , but the real thing...what the Angel is here to nurture: sovereignty and agency, the ability to make your life as you want to---freedom, to be yourself and be of value---and the ability and willingness to collaborate across differences to foster wholeness.  We have an amazing opportunity here to do that, which gets lost in the shuffle of daily living.

As I was reading to my Gathering, I suddenly remembered Hamilton, the hip-hop musical that burst on the scene like a super-nova.  I started talking about how it is the perfect story of America's beginnings, complete with Hamilton the immigrant, who made his life and the Treasury system out of his own intelligence, and Lin-Manuel Miranda who created the musical out of his fascination with and connection to Alexander Hamilton.  Fabulous exciting music, and lyrics, and multi-racial casting, all designed to get us excited about our country, and wow!

As I was talking, I felt the magnitude of the huge multi-faceted reach of Miranda, and Hamilton, reaching toward...what?...toward the best we could be as a country.  My heart opened, and tears came, and I was Connected!

"Hamilton"--Go to YouTube, the whole score is there, and you can see the poetry slam at the White House when Miranda introduced it.  PBS just showed a special on it.  The cast is doing programs with schools, so there's a bunch of kids who are being introduced to our history in a way that makes sense to them....The whole thing is magnificent!  And for me it was a straight shot to the Angel of America.....

I'm sure that as much as we need a more productive focus now, before the election, it will be twice as important after the election.  No matter what happens, there's going to be dissatisfaction.  I want the highest and best for my country.  I want to align with the Angel of America, to live and teach the principles it fosters.  I want to keep pointing towards whatever we can do to bring that to pass.

Spangler says: ...what I am after is to attune to the felt sense of the country....What is the spirit of the country, and how does the felt sense of that Spirit live in me, in my body, in my feelings, in my mind?
Once I have this felt sense in my body and I feel attuned in myself to the spirit of my country, then I reach out in my mind and heart for the overlighting Angel who is the spiritual core of that felt sense.  But at the same time, standing in this felt sense and in my own Sovereignty, I also send out love to my environment as a blessing to my country.  For in so doing, I am taking an inner action equivalent to the actions the Angel takes in also holding the country in love and blessing.  I am sharing the task.  I am creating resonance.
Once I have in body and mind the felt sense of what it is like to be in resonance with the Angel of my country, I can attune to that at any time.  As I go about my work, as I travel about in my car, as I meet fellow citizens or visitors to my country, I can attune to the felt sense of the Angel and from that inner place, send forth a blessing. (pp. 27-28).

So for me, it has started with Hamilton.  Please find what does it for you, reach to the Angel, and love what you see around you.  Resonate high.

Living in 5-D

I've had some thoughts about what it takes to live in the higher dimensions that seem to be coming in now....In no particular order:

  • Let go of your mind and its activities as the only possibility for effective living.  Let go of judging, defining, ascribing meaning, relying on linear time, and "knowing."  Dropping your awareness into the heart space will make this easier, as none of that stuff exists there.....
  • Recognize and accept the experience of being in the heart space...and that it is part of you.
  • Ask, and allow yourself to receive....So, ask, experience having what you ask for, and let go.
  • Treasure connection in all forms:  with people, places and things; with animals and nature; with your own abilities and gifts; with the ability to receive and treasure the gifts that others have.
  • Give freely....Money, time, attention, love....Flirt with the world!
  • Be open to new possibilities...Dropping your awareness into the heart space makes it easy to let go of what you are habituated to.  In that big space, there's more room for new possibilities.
  • Find a way to anchor your experience, in the heart space and in normal life.  Write it down, speak it to someone, bring it through every cell in your body.  Make your "unreal" experiences real to yourself.  If you can't put it into words, you can't own it.
  • Use your imagination as a receiver.  Allow information to come to you.  Learn to tell the difference between "receiving" and "making it up."  The difference is to allow.....

I'm sure there's more, but this is what I have right now....


Jupiter entered Libra this morning, and I'm thinking about love.....

The first thing I'm thinking is that I reject the idea that love is an emotion....Mostly because if love is an emotion, I have no choice about when, how or who to attach it to. And sometimes, that's the case, so I guess I can't be too rigid about this.  But I want to look further.....

Emotions, to me now, are feeling like a cross between the elephant in the corner, and hulking great gangsters that you ignore at your peril.  There's a bullying quality that I'm suddenly aware of....Like this: sadness is an emotion.  I can't choose what to be sad about; I'm sad when I'm sad.  I can choose away from sadness, but that's so close to denial, and that causes so much trouble in the end, that I'd rather I didn't.   Anger is an emotion.  I can choose to express it or not, but when it arises, it arises.  At this point in my life, it seems that my best choices around emotion are A) feel it, drop the story, and take some time to just be with what's there, and B) at least notice it before I choose away from it.

In any case, what I'm thinking about is love....which seems to me to have much more choice in it.  The first choice is to pay attention. No attention, no love.  Sometimes that paying attention comes easy, like when it is blended with lust, and sometimes it is a willful choice.  It's easy when I think I'm going to get my needs met from this person, or this situation.  Not so easy when I have to abandon my neediness for some greater purpose.  That's what the choices look like from a lower frequency, where I'm still subject to the thought of separation, that I am a separate object that is somehow incomplete.  I suspect that as one moves up the frequency scale, the project of love gets easier and easier....

So when I'm here, in one of my less-awakened states, I recognize that love is desirable.  It may look like I need love, but I'm onto it that giving love will be just the ticket, and probably more effective in the end.  If I'm all the way down in feeling unloved, I may not be able to get "high" enough to make a good choice.  That's when I might think to tap (use EFT) on my immediate state...please!  If not, then I have to wallow until some other part of my life rescues me.  In the lower reaches, it is very difficult to remember any of the wisdom that is an integral part of the higher states.  When you're vibrating low, the easy fixes are not only out of reach, you can't even remember that they exist....because at that level, they do not exist.  At that point, it is very easy to come to the erroneous conclusions that this horrible state is A) Reality,  B) going to last forever, and C) all the happier states were delusions.  There's usually a good bit of self-hatred that goes along with all this, a hallmark of the lower states, and a dead giveaway once you get high enough to see it.  Can't see it when you're in it (bummer!).  Those conclusions ARE NOT TRUE.  They are a function of the low frequency state, and will disappear like the morning dew once you allow the sun to rise (get to a better level of vibration).

Do I hear a question about how to do that?  It might be as simple as putting your attention on something that pleases you: a movie that you like, a book you enjoy, the company of a friend, your loving animal companion, etc.  If that's too hard in the moment ( I hate everything!), I go for EFT, and tap on whatever form of hatred and misery I'm stuck in until it lifts.  Either way, the key is paying attention.  With movies, books, etc. it's paying attention to something else, choosing away from the misery.  It's not much of a fix, but sometimes that's what there is.  The great advantage of EFT is that it gives me a way to pay attention to what I'm feeling while I am resetting my meridian system.  I can be as horrible as I like, as long as I'm tapping.  Sometimes I amp my complaining up to operatic melodrama, and the sheer creativity of it becomes a pleasure, and next thing I know, I'm out of the pit.

What happened?  Well, I paid attention to my misery, without changing it, just letting it be how it is (OK, maybe amping it up a bit), and in the space of my attention, it was able to shift.  (Maybe EFT is like training wheels?  So be it, and glad to have it!)  Bringing my attention to it, without needing it to be any different than what it is in the moment--that's love, without the ribbons and the flowers, and the little pink hearts.  Amping--bringing my attention to it and expanding my expression of it...making it more of what it is....a subtle way of being senior to it, far enough outside it to be able to be with it, rather than in it....a way of playing with it.


The Tragedy in Orlando

I was watching the news coverage of the tragedy in Orlando the other night…so horrible, so senseless, so violent….

But then I saw something else, and it made me think….what I saw was the reaction of people who maybe suddenly saw that the LGBT community was something to be protected.  It seemed as though the very horror, the very senselessness was a wake-up call to people who might otherwise not have been able to relate to a group of people they saw as “other.”

We’ve all had a certain amount of training in terror…all the shootings, all the attacks.  The outpouring of sympathy and support that follows these tragedies is important, because it does push forward, into our own consciousness, our basic humanity and its ability to feel emotion and offer caring in whatever way we can.

So I started to think about what might come forth from this catastrophe. It’s already happened, we can’t undo it, much as we might like to.  Now we have the job (if we choose to accept the assignment) of bringing what good we can out of the wreckage.  And wouldn’t it be a kind of blessing if what came forth was more people feeling for the LGBT community, and all “other” communities; more people realizing that “other” is not as other as all that, maybe to their own surprise?

What if the point of their deaths and their injuries was to bring in a sense of connection between a community that has had more than its fair share of hatred, and a lot of people who previously could not see their humanity and their basic value?  What if the life and death of a group of innocents is what it takes to make people see what they could not see before?

I’m choosing this perspective so that I can say “Thank you, bless you,” to the dead, to the injured, to the frightened.  Thank you for participating in this extreme situation so that the ones remaining could perhaps be pushed towards growth.  Thank you for opening our hearts to your sacrifice.  May we all progress to a broader understanding, that all lives have value, and deserve respect and care…and that is the task of the living.

Bless you for your life and your sacrifice, may it not be in vain.

Uranus and Eris

Here’s a bit from Planet Waves that got me going the other night…Eric Francis has been focusing on the conjunction of Uranus and Eris that will be in play for at least another year (2016-17), so it’s clearly of some import.  He included some brilliant writing from some of his subscribers, and this one really spoke to me:

”Instead of Uranus 'the planet of the (external) technological revolution', I'm thinking of Uranus as a kind of inner technology that allows Self knowing, to undo the current structures of personality, to get rid of the excess of ego, to stop looking outside for answers, to stop blaming everything/anybody outside ourselves. 

"Uranus is inner technology that makes us aware of cause-effect and therefore to accept and to take responsibilities for our actions/behaviours/sayings/etc.; inner technology through which to learn to be fully present in each present moment; to listen to ourselves and to listen to others; inner technology to develop psychic perception, clairvoyance, clairaudience, to regain the state of consciousness humans had before the fall in consciousness; inner technology that sustained synchronicity, inner technology based on faith, faith that there is no separation between us and the Great Spirit. 

"Instead of Eris 'the Warrior Princess', 'the Goddess of Discord', I'm thinking of her as the goddess that reminds us that we are not the personality, a kind of inner teacher who holds the neutral position that is not attracted or repulsed; the neutral witness who watches the ebb and flow of the mind, who watches as the personality builds her/his life, who alerts on the inner status quo, who reminds us of detachment keeping herself outside the current personality structure."

From Andrea Argenta, in Planet Waves, Eris as Inner Teacher, Neither Attracted or Repulsed 3/31/16.

What a great description of what there is to do these days!  My inner (and outer) mission is right in line with what she’s talking about.  Not so surprising, as my natal Eris conjuncts my Moon.  

I’m interested in how different her description of Eris is from the usual one of troublemaker….although it does seem likely that some kind of trouble has preceded what Andrea’s describing as neutral….I don’t think we give up our familiar mind sets, complete with memories, habits, judgments, and stories without some version of peeling our fingers off the ledge.  Even if we’re at least momentarily enlightened enough to let go of all that, there’s likely to be some kind of readjustment (“backlash” is such a harsh word…) that feels discordant and chaotic….

Here’s another thought:  For the Romans, Eris was the Goddess of Discord; in fact, they called her “Discordia.”  Now the Romans were highly organized and maybe somewhat rigid, so it makes sense to me that they would have/need a goddess holding the function of discord…you know, someone to propitiate as needed.  And at least they were smart enough to include her in the pantheon.  Bad things happen when you try to keep out the troublemaker…which is in fact part of her myth.  (Google Eris, you’ll find it…)

So while I’m on board with Andrea Argenta’s Eris, I want to hold some space for the possibility that what she’s talking about is the far side of chaos and discord…what it can be like once we’ve done the work, and gone through the storm.  I can’t help but see that there’s plenty of shake-up going around.  I also know that we carry within ourselves the safe haven we’ve been looking for everywhere but there.   Uranus holds the space for inner technology, but let’s not forget the side of him that breaks down doors in order to get in.  Does it have to be so violent? No, it doesn’t have to be violent at all, but it is disruptive, and disruptive on purpose.  Disruptive in the service of growth and expansion of consciousness.

What I love most about Andrea’s version of these two somewhat anarchic planets (or functions) is that she does take us through to the other side, does show us what may lie ahead, if we’re willing to take on the journey.  The development of inner technology, and the neutrality that is the foundation of spiritual adulthood….Yowzah!

I’m all for it.

Encountering Eris

From Eric Francis, “What’s That Sound? Uranus Meets Eris in Aries”

Yet it makes more sense to say that we live in times that are described perfectly by the known themes of Eris — chaos and discord, to name two of the more obvious (but surface layer) ones. This is a special kind of chaos, however, coming partly from within ourselves and energized by our environment.  One somewhat humorous contrast between the Sixties and today is that the Sixties were about boldly finding out who you were at any cost. Today, we practice a kind of cultivated cluelessness about identity, leading to some real difficulty with any notion of ‘I am’ that to me is very much reflective of Eris in Aries as a psychological factor.

“A cultivated cluelessness about identity, leading to some real difficulty with any notion of “I am”……

Well, yes.  And now we see that context is everything.  I’m holding this experience as part of my spiritual journey, rather than as a problem exacerbated by the Internet and the current technology.  For me, it’s useful to let go of the various definitions of “me” that I’ve lived with….or maybe I should say, let go of my death grip on those definitions….and allow that I don’t know.  All the definitions have a place on the spectrum that is me, including the ones I haven’t met or recognized.  None of them are the only truth, and it’s possible that all of them together (no, I don’t know how many…let’s call it an infinite number) are not the whole truth either.

Transpersonally speaking, we are boundless, whatever that means.  When I drop into what I’ve been calling the heart-space, the experience I have is of no boundary.  No boundary, no limit, no form, no words, no thoughts, just awareness.  I explain it by saying that it is the field of infinite possibility in which there is no form…it is possibility, pre-form, before form comes into being.  Sirriya, my brilliant Morphic Awakening teacher, said that it is the True Self.  And if so, then I am, we are, boundless.

Then what?  Then life goes on….dishes to wash, dogs to walk,  places to go, people to see.  But having had that experience of the Big Space, it’s hard to take it all as seriously as before.  It’s an unending series of “ands” rather than “ors.”  I’m no longer trying to fit myself into the “right” definition of who I am.  Rather, I’m noticing that the right me shows up at the right time, and thank you Universe, I’m not in charge of which one when.  (As long as I let go….)

So is this “chaos and discord”?  Well, it could be, if you’re holding on to some idea of how it should be while seeing that it isn’t that way at all right now.  Chaos…meaning I can’t perceive this in a way that matches what I thought was real.  Discord…the only thing we agree on is that only one of us is right, and everyone else is wrong.

What happens if we refuse to play by those rules?  What if I don’t have to have a match between my old pictures and what I see before me?  What if it’s possible that more than one of us is right?  What if it is just diversity, a variety of possibilities that all have their place?  What if we were free to choose between more than two things (what we want and the opposite)?  What we want is familiar to us…what if the alternative was a vast array of unfamiliar possibilities, some of which might be good beyond our imagining?

I like the idea that Chaos and Discord might well be doorways to a larger envisioning.  It seems that the minute I drop the judgment / fear that is wreathed around those names, the doorways begin to creak open….Eris is a Guardian at the Gate, and like all such, looks extremely forbidding as we approach her.  We see her more beautiful face only after we have surrendered past our own fears....

Opening Communication...

I'm stepping into a new world....well, several new worlds, to be exact.  First, I got interested in the subtle worlds, thanks to my obsessive reading of David Spangler's books.  His Subtle Worlds book got me started, then I moved on to Conversations with the Sidhe, and the Card Deck of the Sidhe, then I realized that the Akashic Records Masters and Teachers counted as well, and then I took an Angel Class with George Koury....well, you see how it went.  

Naturally, I'm feeling a bit's a lot to take in, even (especially?) in the beginning stages when the communications are still fuzzy.  "Did I really get that, or am I imagining it?"  I figure it's enough to start with to simply acknowledge that there's an entire universe out there that I've never been aware least, not to communicate with....I mean, not in sentences or anything.  I've known there were angels, and I've had a sense of them from time to time.  I've had some success with channeling from my guides, not that I've been any too regular with it.  But something changed when I decided to get serious about connecting to the subtle worlds.

For one thing, I couldn't be acting like they knew everything and I knew nothing (or vice versa). The idea was to create a sense of partnership, and to do that, I needed to get clear about human sovereignty and to claim it.  (see previous post)  And then there needed to be an appropriate sense of boundary.  Just because they are there, doesn't mean I have to connect to them 24/7.  I get to say when it's too much and I need to not think about it.  These were all adjustments on my part, of course.

Then, after a somewhat halting conversation with the Archangel Gabriel, I stepped into yet another world of communication-- I went to Verizon.  I was intending to just get an adapter that would boost my cell phone reception at home, so that I could expand my communication with the larger physical world.  I came out with a bundle of goodies, all of which will help to connect me to the world at large through technology.  It wasn't until a day later, as I was gazing happily at my beautiful new pink iPhone, thinking that it really looked angelic, that I realized that Gabriel had come through for me.  

So now I have to hold up my end of the log, so to speak.  With any luck, I will manage to arrange things so that the beginning of this post will show up on my Facebook page, and you'll be able to get to here to read the whole thing.  Keep your fingers crossed.....