Uranus and Eris

Here’s a bit from Planet Waves that got me going the other night…Eric Francis has been focusing on the conjunction of Uranus and Eris that will be in play for at least another year (2016-17), so it’s clearly of some import.  He included some brilliant writing from some of his subscribers, and this one really spoke to me:

”Instead of Uranus 'the planet of the (external) technological revolution', I'm thinking of Uranus as a kind of inner technology that allows Self knowing, to undo the current structures of personality, to get rid of the excess of ego, to stop looking outside for answers, to stop blaming everything/anybody outside ourselves. 

"Uranus is inner technology that makes us aware of cause-effect and therefore to accept and to take responsibilities for our actions/behaviours/sayings/etc.; inner technology through which to learn to be fully present in each present moment; to listen to ourselves and to listen to others; inner technology to develop psychic perception, clairvoyance, clairaudience, to regain the state of consciousness humans had before the fall in consciousness; inner technology that sustained synchronicity, inner technology based on faith, faith that there is no separation between us and the Great Spirit. 

"Instead of Eris 'the Warrior Princess', 'the Goddess of Discord', I'm thinking of her as the goddess that reminds us that we are not the personality, a kind of inner teacher who holds the neutral position that is not attracted or repulsed; the neutral witness who watches the ebb and flow of the mind, who watches as the personality builds her/his life, who alerts on the inner status quo, who reminds us of detachment keeping herself outside the current personality structure."

From Andrea Argenta, in Planet Waves, Eris as Inner Teacher, Neither Attracted or Repulsed 3/31/16.

What a great description of what there is to do these days!  My inner (and outer) mission is right in line with what she’s talking about.  Not so surprising, as my natal Eris conjuncts my Moon.  

I’m interested in how different her description of Eris is from the usual one of troublemaker….although it does seem likely that some kind of trouble has preceded what Andrea’s describing as neutral….I don’t think we give up our familiar mind sets, complete with memories, habits, judgments, and stories without some version of peeling our fingers off the ledge.  Even if we’re at least momentarily enlightened enough to let go of all that, there’s likely to be some kind of readjustment (“backlash” is such a harsh word…) that feels discordant and chaotic….

Here’s another thought:  For the Romans, Eris was the Goddess of Discord; in fact, they called her “Discordia.”  Now the Romans were highly organized and maybe somewhat rigid, so it makes sense to me that they would have/need a goddess holding the function of discord…you know, someone to propitiate as needed.  And at least they were smart enough to include her in the pantheon.  Bad things happen when you try to keep out the troublemaker…which is in fact part of her myth.  (Google Eris, you’ll find it…)

So while I’m on board with Andrea Argenta’s Eris, I want to hold some space for the possibility that what she’s talking about is the far side of chaos and discord…what it can be like once we’ve done the work, and gone through the storm.  I can’t help but see that there’s plenty of shake-up going around.  I also know that we carry within ourselves the safe haven we’ve been looking for everywhere but there.   Uranus holds the space for inner technology, but let’s not forget the side of him that breaks down doors in order to get in.  Does it have to be so violent? No, it doesn’t have to be violent at all, but it is disruptive, and disruptive on purpose.  Disruptive in the service of growth and expansion of consciousness.

What I love most about Andrea’s version of these two somewhat anarchic planets (or functions) is that she does take us through to the other side, does show us what may lie ahead, if we’re willing to take on the journey.  The development of inner technology, and the neutrality that is the foundation of spiritual adulthood….Yowzah!

I’m all for it.