The Time of the Big Reveal

This is the Time of the Big Reveal….when it becomes impossible to avoid seeing the Truly Awful, right out in public, all through the media, and once you see it, everywhere you look….

The question is, what do we do with this?  If we’re not inclined towards a path of spiritual development, then we are free to be fearful, angry, blaming and hateful.  If we aren’t looking for growth, change, evolution, there’s no reason to do anything new—and every reason to resent what is interrupting the comfortable dream of what had been…of what we had thought was true.  That a greatness had once been achieved, and is now lost…and that there’s something wrong with that.

Spoiler:  This is us as a country, sure, but it’s also us as individuals.  Donald Trump is not only the Toddler President, he’s the poster boy for The Damage Caused By Withholding.  And for those of us who can genuinely bring that inside, without judgment, to see our own withholding, where we hold back out of fear….well, it would be great if we could get on with it.

We have the opportunity to see that as a country, greatness has never really been achieved.  It was good enough at the time to have the appearance of greatness.  But have we really lived up to the ideals of freedom and liberty for all?  Racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.  Looks like no, not yet.  What if this is the time to get past the old appearance and get down to what’s underneath it?

I’m suddenly understanding my fascination with the reality TV show “Dr. Pimple Popper.”  How many times do I have to watch a cyst spilling its contents—or on “The Incredible Dr. Pol”, one of the vets draining an abscess, before I get that it’s a metaphor for what’s happening these days?  OK, I just got it…let’s see if my TV habits change…or I just might enjoy it more!

So how is all this useful?  First of all, it won’t be useful for all of us.  We have to allow room for diversity; all the different paths that people are rightfully walking according to their souls’ needs and agreements.   There will be plenty of people who are experiencing fear and blame with no apparent alternative, because they’re not ready to see one.  It breaks my heart, I wish it were different, but I get it.  What’s important is that if we can, we recognize that where they are is genuine.  When we get the awfulness and terror, and let ourselves really feel it, find a way to embrace that experience within ourselves, then it will be much easier to embrace the people with it.

Here’s how I know that this is an inside job…I was writing in my journal, focused on the question “what do I really want to share with the world?” when I realized that there was another question that had to come first.  “Am I willing to share anything with the world?”

I can feel the yes and no of that one—maybe that’s just answers coming from different dimensions. The higher one not only says yes, it can also see the grumpiness of the lower one in which it seems right to withhold.  That I have the right, and the reasons, and the ability to withhold and say no….which of course will benefit no one.  Not me, not anyone else.  Only my ego.  Donald Trump is currently living that out on the Big Stage.  Perfect example of holding everyone hostage…in his case, the whole country.  In my case, I suppose it’s my whole country….myself as a country.

I sat for guidance, asking to speak with my dragon.  Traditionally, at least in the East, dragons are holders of wisdom.  When I found that they are also holders of love, my reaching out to them got faster and smoother.  I asked him to help me see beyond the angry fearful part to something that is more true.

Dragon: First we need to love you up.  I’m calling the other dragons.  It’s important that you choose, but you can’t do that from where you are.  You need more dragon love/wisdom/power!

Surrounded by dragons, especially a little red sparkly one, I very quickly found myself in a much better (and higher) place….

Wendy: I see that it’s not so much an either/or choice.  Not like the one I choose away from ceases to be.  More like I accept both and still prefer one over the other.  I prefer to live in one rather than the other.  Is this choice stable, or will I have to keep making it forever?

Dragon: The less-preferred choice still exists, and at times will still have quite the magnetic attraction for you.  You can decrease the magnetic force through forgiveness.  You could start by forgiving yourself for the “stuck” quality.  Of course you got stuck in it.  It was too difficult to hold in consciousness, so it got stashed away somewhere safe.  To use a dragon analogy, you’ve been sitting on the bitter hoard, instead of the treasures of love.

OMG, The Bitter Hoard!…..I’ve been sitting on all the old stories of deprivation and unworthiness, seeing myself as a victim of everything, believing that whatever I got instead of what I wanted was because I deserved only that.  Not sitting there all the time, but often enough that I knew exactly what he meant. ( And I bet you know too)…..The Bitter Hoard……..

The second game changer was The Treasures of Love….I knew exactly what that meant, too, even though I didn’t have words for it…and you may not either.  The heart stuff is often wordless……

So here we are in the Big Reveal….Our first tool is acknowledging where we are, where our focus is.  The second tool is to recognize when it’s part of The Bitter Hoard, our very own Bitter Hoard….then just get up and change our seat.

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