The Dimensional Tango

If you're going to do the tango, you have to learn the steps.....

A few weeks ago, I watched two YouTube videos by Jim Self on the Dimensions, and his explanation was clear, useful, and immediately engaging. I know things are changing, I see that structures are falling apart, I can feel the fear that is offered by all media, even when they are just reporting the news which we need to hear.  What I need is a new organizing principle so that I can hold all this chaos in a way that makes sense to me.  What I found in the Self videos was an explanation I could not only understand, but also feel….it satisfied my mind, and fit my experience.

First of all, what are the dimensions?  For our purposes, let’s say they are realms, each of which has its own distinguishing characteristics, andmode in which we must operate.  They are distinct, but not separate…. 

Here’s a short version:

3D is physical, and dense, and separating.  It is based on concrete physical form.  It’s been the default operating system for centuries.  It’s what we were told was “real life.”  In 3D, the consciousness is that we are all separate from each other, which means we are open to fear, anger, aggression and competition.  Time in 3D is mostly awareness of past and worry about future.  Not a lot of “now.”  No sense of connection, a lot of aloneness….

4D has form, but is not physical, being the realm of thoughts and feelings.  Sometimes thoughts and feelings are even more real than physical reality, as in “I’m so in love, I floated down the street” or “I was so angry I couldn’t see straight.”  Because the “now” opens up here, there is the possibility of choice, though memory can be really sticky.  (Remembering how my relationship to my father felt to me, I am likely to repeat the pattern with all other men…)  With a larger “now,” we have the space to choose our response, though I suspect it is still conditioned by what happened before or what we are afraid will happen next, until we can get to the neutrality of 5D. 

5D is space, a neutral space, the space of infinite possibility, in which there is no form.  If there were form, the possibilities would be limited.  No blame, no criticism, no emotions, no words, just peace.  But from here, because it is a neutral space, and we are thus neutral when we are in it, the possibilities are endless, and we have many choices as to what we want and what we are able to perceive.  No baggage here…the past, present and future are all neutral, without charge, so there’s a sense of starting with a clean slate.  The catch is, you have to be OK with not knowing…What you already “know” will shut down the space, so that new information cannot get through.

Here’s why I think it’s important

1.  The new awareness coming in is offering us more connection, more collaboration, more reverence for all life, and it’s clearly something we need.  We can’t get there from a model of reality that is solidly based in 3D.  The separation is too great, the fear is too strong.  As we are able to bring our attention to 4D and 5D, we find it easier to find our strength and open our hearts; we have more power, more agency, and more connection to each other and to the universe at large.

2.  It seems clear to me that operating from a 3D model is not viable anymore.  We are not separate machines, our bodies are not separate parts joined into machines, the world is no longer separate.  The constant fighting to overcome, or to protect what we see as only ours is wearing, and no longer feels rightful. We already know that our feelings and thoughts affect our physicality, so clearly something else is going on.

3.  We’re at the beginning of this transition, so we need some help in finding our way with these three different modes.  They are not linear, lined up 3-4-5, as much as they are recursive; we need to be conversant with all three dimensions as we flip back and forth between them.  It’s not about resolutely turning our backs on 3D as we head through 4D to 5D, much as part of me would like that.  All of them are happening at once…. 

In any case, it’s a question of where we are choosing to put our attention, and what we can remember about who we are.  I am more than my physical identity, and more than my thoughts and feelings, I am the space in which all of that occurs….That would be my 5D identity holding the other dimensions with acceptance and some interest….But if I am in physical pain, it is more likely that my attention will be in 3D, and it will be up to my larger self to remember that I am more than just that.  If I am in emotional pain in 4D, I can move in either direction.  In a downward vortex, I might become ill, or if I can remember the spaciousness of 5D, I can allow the feeling to be experienced and released.

What becomes important, helpful, crucial, is the awareness that I have more than one identity, that I have several simultaneously, and that all are OK.  We know this from the many roles each of us has been called to play—daughter, wife, mother, son, husband, father….but in this context it is not yet culturally anchored.  So learning is involved, with maybe a new way of bringing our experience into language.

4.  Given that problems can’t be solved from the same level that created them, we need to learn how to raise our level to find the solutions we need.  When I can get to 5D, the pattern with my father is just a pattern instead of a foregone conclusion, and I can see it differently.  I see his needs, his limitations, and his strengths, as well as mine, without falling into the replay pit.  I can allow for a different outcome.  There’s more space in 5D, and less “knowing,” so new ideas, new connections, new solutions are able to arise.

We are already more than we ever thought possible, but our understanding may have some catching up to do.  As we shed the smaller, more limiting definitions, I like the idea that there is something larger to hold on to, and I want you to know about it as well….

For more information, please (PLEASE!) check out Jim Self on YouTube.  His explanations are extremely clear and usable (my favorite kind!)  He has a 15 minute piece on the dimensions:  If you really get into it, there’s a longer 45 minute piece: