Old World, New World

I’ve been reading what I call “subversive literature”—books that offer an alternative to what we have all accepted as our history—and I came across a description of a galactic civilization that has really rocked me.  These books rely on channeled information, which may or may not be “true,” but given the way I’ve been living with what I read, it hardly matters whether it is truth or metaphor.  By the time I can’t stop thinking about it, it has become imperative that I recognize it as some part of my truth.

This particular book is You Are Becoming a Galactic Human, by Virginia Essene and Sheldon Nidle, published in 1994.  In a chapter on Galactic Human Civilization, it describes the culture and civilization of Sirius and the culture that began on Vega, from the constellation Lyra,  as an example of galactic human civilization.  

Six million years ago the humans of Vega developed the beginnings of an interplanetary culture, based on two main principles:

The importance of the personal growth in consciousness of each individual, exploring one’s higher soul, and also giving service to others.

The uniqueness of each soul as a valuable piece of the united human family.  It is the duty of friends and family to bring each soul into the full expression of brightness.

So…personal consciousness work, so that the service we offer benefits not only others, but ourselves as well.  This is very different from the slave idea, where service benefits others, but the self is excluded.  And the idea that friends and family are there to support growth, as they are also supported….That’s the basis of the culture, not just some radical ideas held by a minority in opposition to the rest.

Furthermore: The origins of galactic civilization evolved from what are called the galactic and inter dimensional Spiritual Hierarchies.  These spiritual lords of time and space established within their realms (galaxies and star systems) a distinct series of unique physical presences.  This enterprise was done because planets, stars and other energy forms needed a complementary physical guardian to aid them in establishing the white light of creation throughout the physical universe.  To this end, the Spiritual Hierarchies created special life forms ( various humans and nonhuman of high sentience).  These life forms were established as part of a guardianship that would act with the Spiritual Hierarchies to enable the energies of creation to operate at maximum efficiency through physical creation.  

This concept of planetary and star system stewardship is what is called the guardian nature of all human culture. (p. 160)

So it was intended that we be guardians, not only of ourselves and our little civilization, but of “planets, stars and other energy forms.”  

Each being believed he/she had a sacred reason for existence—a specific gift— that would aid not only self, but also the group, the civilization, the planet, and star system—the whole of existence. (p. 164)

Children learned that humans are a guardian species created for the purpose of aiding the universal Spiritual Hierarchies of light and love, and of bringing order and light to the physical universe….A key part of learning about guardianship was a daily meditation ritual performed upon arising from a mid-morning nap.  All humans were required to perform this ritual in order to maintain the biosphere. (pp.167-168)

This culture was practiced on Earth nearly two million years ago, by a group of semi-etheric beings called the Hyborneans.  Their culture lasted a million years, was destroyed by the Dinoid/Reptoid Alliance a million years ago, and re-emerged in Lemuria about 900,000 years ago.  So there is a back story, and it exists as part of our history…possibly.

Is all this true?  It doesn’t matter if it was true, it matters that it could be where we are going. 

As I come into a greater awareness of, and interest in wholeness, I realize the possibility of seeing the world as an entity that includes the stars, the planets, all of creation.  There is Gaia, the soul of the Earth, but there are also her relatives who hold the consciousness of other cosmic bodies.  What would my life have been like if I had grown up with this awareness from childhood?  In a culture that supports that awareness, instead of one that is opposed to it…. My mind boggles, my heart longs….Well, never mind, what matters is what happens now, now that I have been exposed to this possibility.  Where does it take me?

For one thing, it brings me an imagining of where we might be headed….a future glance.  I’ve been telling people for months that we need to be looking at what we want, where we might go, instead of being mesmerized by the news reports of the various disasters happening now.  Which isn’t the easiest thing, given the densities we live in.  So now I feel like a handrail has appeared, as I try to climb through the clouded sky.  I have to say, it feels wonderful.  What I feel is that part of me is familiar with this  ethos, and has been familiar with it from early childhood.  It expands the space I stand in now, as I realize it in some portion of my being.  So many parts of me were yelling “YES!” as I was reading…and that’s not anything to discount.

And what if on awakening from any nap, mid-morning or otherwise, I brought my awareness to the biosphere with gratitude and appreciation?  What if that was a morning prayer, or an evening prayer?  What if that became a habit?

So I’m sharing this in case it affects any of you the same way.  There is the possibility that it will be too far out for some, but I don’t care about that.  The ones that need to be aware of this information will receive it, the rest will write it off.

We desperately need a vision that will hold, a vision built on regard for all beings, whether in body or not, and regardless of the shape of the body.  Yes, this is about rocks and trees, and water and air, and all the nature spirits and the devas, and all the blessed angels, dragons, and ascended masters who come to help us when we request their presence.  The great part is that it’s also about us, all of us, the advantaged and the disadvantaged alike.  How many centuries have we been embedded in slave mentality, thinking that service goes only one way, from us to higher beings, and our welfare is of no concern to them?  There are various accounts in galactic history of how that situation came to be, but what I’m sure of is that it is time to begin to look outside that box.  

What if there was indeed an earlier time, that our quantum cells might remember, when we were living as guardians, caring for and cared for by an entire civilization?  What if that life existed in a parallel bubble, an arm’s length away, and we could connect to it to gather strength for what we are creating here?    It’s like getting a food parcel from home when you are away from your family….and of course I want to share it with all my friends…..Please, enjoy the vision, the imagining, and go wherever it takes you!