Neutral is where love lives.....

What a radical crazy idea!  Doesn’t “neutral” mean not caring?  How can a state that is free of the wanting, and the passion, have anything to do with love?  Think of all the time wasted on worry about loved ones, if it were really wiser to inhabit a neutral state…Could we really not do that?  Not wrap ourselves around our loved ones with all our conditioned fears of loss and everything else that goes with it?  I’m sure that’s asking too much, but how about not being so attached to our worry and our fear?  How about leaving some space for a benign unknown?  Will the joy still show up, in the space of non-attachment?  (Yes, and probably more freely.) 

The space of human love…so packed up with everyone’s unmet emotional needs that there’s barely any space at all.  All the history of past, present, and parallel lives, and then all the expectations and projections that come with the architecture we create from that history.  We’re building all the time—creating from the raw material of our thoughts and feelings, which tend to take up all the air in the room—what we think, what we feel, what we judge.  We identify ourselves with our thoughts, feelings, ideas, concepts and contexts every time we say “I.

But what if that is a stage?  Not an always/only kind of being, but a stage of being, a stage of awareness….what if there are other possibilities?  For most of us, it’s enough to navigate that stage.  It certainly isn’t easy.  Rubbing up against other people, and all of what they carry, plus the conditions of life on this planet (work, home, family, money, health, etc.) is a full time job.  It’s life in 3D, maybe 4D as well.

Now I and many others are standing at the edge of that stage, a transition point to the next stage, which promises to be strange, new, and different from what we grew up with.  I am exploring this new space, what I can perceive of it, and I’m wanting to report on what I’m seeing…. There’s a big difference between the space of human love and the boundless field of Divine Love, and I’m interested in building some kind of bridge.  I’m sure I’ll have more to say about this later, but here is where I’m starting out, for now.

“Neutral” means not being attached to preferences, outcomes, or conditioning from the past.  It doesn’t mean not having preferences, not recognizing that past conditioning is leaning me towards a specific outcome.  But from a neutral space, I can be easy about what actually happens.  Not so attached to the old ways.  Having space for God knows what….literally.

I’ve been working with quantum modalities for 7 years, which means that I have been learning how to access information beyond what I know, how to travel through time to affect earlier/later experiences, how it is that we really are all connected, and how much easier it is when time is no longer linear.  I have abandoned the idea of “this is caused by that” in favor of “I don’t know, let’s see what shows up.”  I have come to appreciate the space that is created when I don’t use labels, preferring instead to use what I experience to guide me.  I’ve learned to see conditions as patterns; many things look to me like a constellation of stars, which makes it easier to imagine them changing.  I have also given up the thought that I am the one who changes them, so that change comes through me rather than from me. When I’m working, there’s not much sense of “me” at all, and I don’t miss it.  I have certainly become more sensitive; I can easily feel the difference between “crowded” and “spacious,” with a distinct preference for the latter.  All of this learning, these experiences with myself and with clients, has informed a new architecture in me, in which I am endeavoring to live….and it all happens in a neutral space.

The architecture changed again this last summer when I took Lindsay McGowan’s Telepathy class and increased my communication with various non-physical beings.  That it was not hard, and seemed to be quite diverse prompted many questions around “who are we, that this is so possible, and so beneficial?”  The information that came through was always different from what I already thought, it always came from a higher wider space than the one I’d been living in, and it always brought me to a better space.  It is easy to feel my love for the guides and dragons, and their vast love for me in the space of connection….which is a neutral space.

One night, last April, I was talking to a dear friend on the phone who was going through an experience of deprivation of love.  I had been reading cards for her, so I was still in an expanded space.  I could feel the pain in the experiences she was recounting, and because I love her so much, I couldn’t bear for her to stay in it.  (Yeah, I know, not exactly neutral….so sue me). I was expanded, so I could see that it wasn’t the Truth, though it had certainly been real enough.  I said to her, “What I wish for you is that you live in the blossoming of love, so perfect, so intense, that you cannot see or feel anything else—that nothing else exists for you, only love—the sure knowledge that you are loved, and that you are love.”  She asked me to write it down, but I was too blasted, said I’d do it in the morning.  The guides woke me at 3 AM, with an elaboration on what I’d said, and by the way, dropped me into that field of Love myself.  Unmistakeable.  Definitive.  And clearly a space other than regular human love.

And so what do I know (think I know?) about Divine Love?  I’ve read that it is boundless, has no edges.  I’ve experienced that, and when I’m in it, there’s nowhere it isn’t.  There is no “not that,” no contrast.  (3D/4D is the realm of contrast.)  It is everywhere, and everything is filled with it…spilling over, in fact.  And even if I only get one glimpse, I can’t deny it, can’t say it doesn’t exist.  I have to now know that it is a real dimension of awareness, even if I never experience it again.

So what now?  What have I learned?  Apparently, Neutral is the gateway to a whole other expanded world.  What does it feel like?  It feels like I am whole, complete, needing nothing, and open to what shows up. The quantum work depends on it as baseline; if I can’t get to neutral, the work won’t happen. For me, getting to “the big space” is a quiet joy, kind of like walking on the Reservoir, surrounded by physical big space.  It feels like the right size, especially when daily life gets too small.

How to get there?  There are many ways, but try the guided meditation on the first page of my website (, if you’re not already there) which will take you into the heart space (Neutral).  Notice how it feels to you, notice what’s different, notice what’s absent.  Make friends with it, so that it becomes real to you, and you can accept it as part of who you are.  Notice how that changes your interpretation of what happens to you.  If you knew you could easily get to a space in which you felt whole, needing nothing, how would that change your relationships, including the one with yourself?