Living in 5-D

I've had some thoughts about what it takes to live in the higher dimensions that seem to be coming in now....In no particular order:

  • Let go of your mind and its activities as the only possibility for effective living.  Let go of judging, defining, ascribing meaning, relying on linear time, and "knowing."  Dropping your awareness into the heart space will make this easier, as none of that stuff exists there.....
  • Recognize and accept the experience of being in the heart space...and that it is part of you.
  • Ask, and allow yourself to receive....So, ask, experience having what you ask for, and let go.
  • Treasure connection in all forms:  with people, places and things; with animals and nature; with your own abilities and gifts; with the ability to receive and treasure the gifts that others have.
  • Give freely....Money, time, attention, love....Flirt with the world!
  • Be open to new possibilities...Dropping your awareness into the heart space makes it easy to let go of what you are habituated to.  In that big space, there's more room for new possibilities.
  • Find a way to anchor your experience, in the heart space and in normal life.  Write it down, speak it to someone, bring it through every cell in your body.  Make your "unreal" experiences real to yourself.  If you can't put it into words, you can't own it.
  • Use your imagination as a receiver.  Allow information to come to you.  Learn to tell the difference between "receiving" and "making it up."  The difference is to allow.....

I'm sure there's more, but this is what I have right now....