HAMILTON and the Angel of America

I've been wondering for awhile about the best way to "participate" with the election madness without getting sucked into a mental/emotional place that I don't want to even experience, much less spread around.  I normally wouldn't bother with the idea of participation; I'd just avoid the whole mess, go to the polls and vote, and put my attention elsewhere.  Except now, I'm seeing it differently.  It's not good enough to avoid the hysteria....I'd rather find and offer a stance that is more likely to produce what I want: peace, upliftment, and a vibrational frequency that will expand my sense of well-being....and then share that stance.

It's kind of interesting to me that "peace" now includes having a sense of purpose, and acting on it...it's also interesting that I'm no longer satisfied to segregate my awareness of the election, to put it in a room by itself where it can be safely ignored....

I'd rather be seeing it with the same open curiosity that I bring to what I'm happy to focus on, which for now is collaboration with unseen beings who are available for partnership.  Guides, Angels, the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones of the Akashic Records, the Sidhe...it's a big world out there, with a lot of help that is available for the asking...or perhaps I should say, with a lot of partnership that is available.

The difference between "help" and "partnership" has to do with how I see myself.  Do I have some strength of my own?  And am I willing to use it?  Or am I thinking that I have nothing worthwhile, and the subtle beings have it all?  I've learned a lot from reading David Spangler's writings ( Conversations with the Sidhe, and Subtle Worlds: An Explorer's Field Notes), largely about how important it is to value my sovereignty and agency as a human being.  Yes, I came here to learn, but I don't have to make myself into an entirely empty vessel in order to do that. So now what?

In a recent Gathering in Tivoli, I decided that it was crucially important to read from Spangler's most recent Views from the Borderland, yr 6, vol 2, (available by subscription only, from lorian.org), because he was writing about the Angel of America...

All human groups...attract some kind of overlighting spirit, usually part of the angelic line of evolution.  The function of such a being is to work with the humans within its care as a group to advance their evolution.  How successful such a spirit may be at accomplishing this depends on many factors, including its own level of experience and the openness and willingness--and love-- of the humans with whom it is working.  It is quite possible for a human group to create obstructions and boundaries that prevent such an overlighting being from doing its work, just as it's possible for a group of humans to come into a deep and profound collaboration with its angelic companion. (p.4)

And from one of Spangler's subtle colleagues:

There are three major ideas which the Angel is fostering within the field of life that is the United States.  These are Sovereignty and the power of agency, freedom, and the ability to collaborate across differences in order to create wholeness....The United States came into being to be a place where all three ideas could be fostered in a deliberate and democratic manner, thereby accelerating their development and embodiment.  It is the Angel of America's task to help this happen.  In so doing, it works primarily with collective energies, though it can certainly inspire or overlight specific individuals if they attune to it, and if their lives offer an opportunity to advance the expression of these three ideas. (pp. 10-11)

Spangler got to talking about how we might align with the Angel--by attuning to the land, or through history and symbol (our founding documents, or the Gettysburg Address, or the American flag, the Liberty Bell, etc)--and I got the idea, but I couldn't get in...

I've never been a fan of American history, exactly.  My sense of all the symbols of America is that they're empty, or worse, distorted.  I remember a conversation I had with my then-husband...we were looking a houses, and I mentioned that I was put off by houses that had American eagles on the front.  Alan wanted to know why, so I said, "If you were looking for people who were broad-minded, open to new thoughts, creative, inventive, etc, would you go to a house that had an eagle on it?"  Even though we almost never saw anything the same way, he had to agree....

So if there has been a distortion of the symbols, it probably runs deeper than that.  Something has gotten old, stuck, and empty, and I bet I'm not the only one who feels it.  Which means we have to get in touch with the aliveness of the American Dream...not the media version that has diminished the dream into a frantic hunt for possessions and status , but the real thing...what the Angel is here to nurture: sovereignty and agency, the ability to make your life as you want to---freedom, to be yourself and be of value---and the ability and willingness to collaborate across differences to foster wholeness.  We have an amazing opportunity here to do that, which gets lost in the shuffle of daily living.

As I was reading to my Gathering, I suddenly remembered Hamilton, the hip-hop musical that burst on the scene like a super-nova.  I started talking about how it is the perfect story of America's beginnings, complete with Hamilton the immigrant, who made his life and the Treasury system out of his own intelligence, and Lin-Manuel Miranda who created the musical out of his fascination with and connection to Alexander Hamilton.  Fabulous exciting music, and lyrics, and multi-racial casting, all designed to get us excited about our country, and wow!

As I was talking, I felt the magnitude of the huge multi-faceted reach of Miranda, and Hamilton, reaching toward...what?...toward the best we could be as a country.  My heart opened, and tears came, and I was Connected!

"Hamilton"--Go to YouTube, the whole score is there, and you can see the poetry slam at the White House when Miranda introduced it.  PBS just showed a special on it.  The cast is doing programs with schools, so there's a bunch of kids who are being introduced to our history in a way that makes sense to them....The whole thing is magnificent!  And for me it was a straight shot to the Angel of America.....

I'm sure that as much as we need a more productive focus now, before the election, it will be twice as important after the election.  No matter what happens, there's going to be dissatisfaction.  I want the highest and best for my country.  I want to align with the Angel of America, to live and teach the principles it fosters.  I want to keep pointing towards whatever we can do to bring that to pass.

Spangler says: ...what I am after is to attune to the felt sense of the country....What is the spirit of the country, and how does the felt sense of that Spirit live in me, in my body, in my feelings, in my mind?
Once I have this felt sense in my body and I feel attuned in myself to the spirit of my country, then I reach out in my mind and heart for the overlighting Angel who is the spiritual core of that felt sense.  But at the same time, standing in this felt sense and in my own Sovereignty, I also send out love to my environment as a blessing to my country.  For in so doing, I am taking an inner action equivalent to the actions the Angel takes in also holding the country in love and blessing.  I am sharing the task.  I am creating resonance.
Once I have in body and mind the felt sense of what it is like to be in resonance with the Angel of my country, I can attune to that at any time.  As I go about my work, as I travel about in my car, as I meet fellow citizens or visitors to my country, I can attune to the felt sense of the Angel and from that inner place, send forth a blessing. (pp. 27-28).

So for me, it has started with Hamilton.  Please find what does it for you, reach to the Angel, and love what you see around you.  Resonate high.