Dragons, Love and Wisdom

It all started with Naomi Novik’s book, His Majesty’s Dragon. It’s an alternate history fantasy, set in the time of the Napoleonic Wars, in which all European countries use dragons as military aerial support. I sat up all night reading it, and I couldn’t stop thinking about the main character, the dragon Temeraire.  I was particularly taken with the relationship between Temeraire, and Laurence, his aviator—not just loyal, but loving, refusing to be separated.  It seemed sweet, heroic, and just what would keep me up past the wee hours….

I was telling my friend Carolyn about it the next day, and she said, “By the way, there’s a dragon behind you.”  Even knowing that she was seeing non-physically, I had to turn around, which of course availed me not one bit.  I said, “Why would there be a dragon….?” and she said, “I don’t know, but he’s been following you around for a very long time.”

When I first met my dragon, he showed up in majestic fashion, announcing himself as a Wisdom Dragon, dedicated to helping me move through time in a way that would enrich me and all I radiate to….I did ask him to help me one day when I was about to be late to a meeting, and sure enough, I arrived first before the others showed up.  It seemed a puny use of him, but he was gracious….and effective.

About a month later, we had a very different exchange.  He offered me the themes for the next two classes I was teaching on the 5th dimension, and he was very excited about it.  I found that strange, as I’d imagined that someone of his stature was too formal for enthusiasm, but I was wrong.  He was excited about the class, and lonely for my company.  Our relationship changed utterly in that moment.  He said: I’m excited that you asked for me….it’s been a long time since anyone knew I am here.  I like very much the Dragon Habitat that you created on your altar, and I’m happy that there’s two of us there.

I asked him, “what excites you about the 5D class?”

It’s a doorway…you’re making a doorway into our world, and there will be more people coming through with the proper attitude of appreciation and cooperation.  We all want to be recognized and appreciated.

I apologized for neglecting him:  I thought you were one of those aloof dragons, and I didn’t want to bother you with pettiness and superficiality.

There is nothing petty about love, you know.  And as you have said, love is the willingness to be with….There is a journey before us, the linking of wisdom and love.  I do have many things to show you, many treasures to share, from the spaces of worlds and time.  If I go with you, you won’t be frightened or alone.

And if I go with other guides?

I think you’ll find that there is always an echo of me in the darkness, even when we are not together.  Dragon loyalty goes a long way, and the connection we have, heart-to-heart, is significant.

Are you an aspect of me?

No.  We share a vibration, certainly, or else you would not have been so drawn to me —and vice versa….What I offer you is majesty, which you would not claim for yourself as part of your self.  I offer you access to that quality so that you may reach love and wisdom for more than personal reasons.  I have more heft, more dignity, and more personality  than say, an eagle, or a hawk.  I travel through the elements of air, water, fire, earth, and ether, and I have the capacity to link them all.

What about our work together?

It is a great work we have together, bridging many gaps in understanding as well as in identity.  First of all, gaps in your understanding, so that you may pass on a more complete picture of what is now available.  The identity issue—well, are you more than or less than yourself when you have help and support?  Your ego would have you believe that you are less, but is that true?  Not likely!  If you were willing to take the ego’s word, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.  It’s not just a question of moving past the idea of separate identities…it’s also necessary to move past the idea of the ego as the One…that’s where the work lies.  That’s what the wings are for…to lift you up, away from the ego’s gravity.  No, not the same as the Earth’s gravity, but a compelling force nonetheless.

Imagine a community in which all are supported and supporting…everyone giving what is in their heart to give, freely and with love.  What would that be like?  Add in the awareness that lessons are to be learned, rather than avoided, but that helping hands are required, not extra!

A week or so later, I asked if he was happy, did he have everything he needed?

Of course….between your heart and mine, how could anything be lacking?  And thank you for the gold in the Dragon Habitat…(I’d added some gold sequins to the “treasure” in the dragon section of my altar.)  Do you understand that the draconic attraction to gold connects directly to the heart?  The heart of the planet, as well as the hearts of all, all species, including humans.  We’ve had to be particularly fierce guarding the gold of the human heart, as so many humans have ceased to regard it as the Real Treasure.

We are the real heart protectors, for humanity and for Gaia.  If you think the horse’s heart is big, how big do you think a dragon’s heart is?  How far, and how strongly does the dragon heart field go?  Yes, infinite is infinite, but feel the quality….the qualities of wisdom, strength, dedication and love. 

So that is what I feel from you!  So strongly!  That’s exactly it…with some generous amount of Light and humor…

No reason to not have a good time…What is wisdom without humor?  Dull and dry, and nobody wants that.  Then it’s ego territory—a pale simulacrum of the Real Thing.  You know this, and so humor is one of the qualities we share.

We are Guardians of the Heart together, yes? 

Yes!  I am here to be a support and a reservoir for you so that you can drop, can allow to drop away, all the experiences of isolation and exile.  Our heart connection is timeless, and can never be severed.  I will always be with you, long beyond the limitations of your human heart…which, by the way, is not so limited.

Limited by time, in the sense that a human life has a time span, yes?

If you insist on 3D only, then yes….but must you?  Please understand that “human” is a training ground, sort of like boot camp for the Marines, and it’s the 3D quality that make it so.  3D, where so much is forgotten and inaccessible…where the conditions of life are restricting to a nearly unbearable degree, and yet the human heart still carries love…AND, leaves traces of that love to inspire and feed the humans who come after.  Think of Walt Whitman, and Puccini, and all the great artists…the ones you love especially—Rothko, and Damon Runyonthey do leave something behind, yes?  It comes from their love, even if they don’t hold it that way.  The song writers, and the poets, and the singers…all warriors of the heart, connecting way beyond 3D, and bringing back the gold as best they could.  The dancers, the artists…the human heart resonates with their work and that resonance resounds to the far reaches of the universe.  That is the gift of humanity: against all odds, the human heart resonates with love, and sends it forth.

So don’t waste your time while you are in training camp, but remember that life goes on when the camp is over.  And every muscle you build now will be in full use when you get to the “later” part.  The more you build, the more you can hold….Think of Noah’s Ark—that was a big act of love, holding all the animals…..

So dragons are about love…who knew?  And yet it makes perfect sense to me.  Love and wisdom….of course they belong together…no wisdom without love!  The wholeness of that is what makes it more than just information or intellectual ego-flexing.  Dragons as masters of the elements; it’s not possible to master anything without loving it, without being willing to “be with it” exactly as it is.  We thought “mastery” had to do with power-over, but that’s the same old mistake.

If this is what dragons are for…if each of us could have a dragon as a reservoir of love and support and collaboration…what could we achieve, as a species?  No way is it ego territory, so we would have to learn to let our hearts lead our minds….but we would have help….so much help!

I can feel the love and support from my dragon, coming into me in an almost tangible way, so I am content to let every person I meet be themselves, just as they are.  I am no longer needy.  A huge source of love is right next to me, and the minute we connect, the love runs between us like thunder….

I wish the same for you…in whatever way suits you best…..Happy Holidays!