Breathing into it.....

The problem is, we have these unwanted emotions, and the minute they show up they seem to rule our experience of living.  Worse, they seduce us into a downward moving spiral before we even know what hit us.  The good news is that the "good" emotions do the same thing; they show up, they rule and lead us to an upward moving spiral.  But I'm not talking about them at the moment......

I've been reading up on this, and I've found a couple of ways to deal in this situation.  There is the EFT version, where we use meridian tapping to reset the energy system while focusing on what we don't like.  We tap, the stress level decreases, and we are able to see what we couldn't see before....another possibility, another interpretation of what we thought we saw or felt.  We have been looking at what we don't like while tapping, and so there's more energy in the system, which dials down the feeling of helplessness and opens the space.  If there's still discomfort, we do more rounds until the discomfort is gone.  Probably other aspects will show up, and then we tap on them.  It doesn't take much time to be feeling better, and not even that much time to be feeling pretty good.  

EFT is a great technique to use when you aren't willing or able to drop the story.  In fact, you tap on each aspect of the story to eliminate the charge of unwanted feeling.  You use words in the set-up phrase (Even though _____, I deeply and completely love and accept myself), and you use words in the reminder phrase you say as you tap on each point.  For me, this is particularly useful when I'm in a space of such low vibration that I can barely remember that I have any other choice but to be in the swamp.  From that place, there are bound to be words that make up a story that I am telling myself.  The chances are good that I've been telling that story for quite awhile, which gives it the appearance of being true even though it is not.  I don't find out that it's not the truth until I have finished tapping on it.  Then, without the layers of all my strategies to protect myself from unwanted feeling, I can finally see that the story was just a story.....

Another possibility is to raise your vibration by focusing on a thought that feels better....usually one that has nothing to do with the immediate issue. According to Abraham, holding a thought for 17 seconds will attract thoughts of a similar vibration, so a thought of something I love (or even like, if I'm too low for love) will allow me to move up the emotional scale, provided I hold it for 17 seconds.  In my experience, the unwanted thought/feeling is still lurking in the background, but if I'm determined to be in charge of my focus, and I keep up a rant of appreciation, in a few minutes I'll have a different perspective.  This is a muscle-builder, sort of like the inner version of lifting weights.  The difference is that it gets easier more quickly than on the physical plane; the better-feeling thoughts start to come in faster and easier, once you've gotten past the 17 seconds, and if you can manage to keep going for 68 seconds, you can feel your level changing.

And then there's what I've learned from the writing of David Hawkins....Hawkins has created a scale of states of consciousness, going from 0 to 1000.  Christ, the Buddha, and Krishna are at 1000; enlightenment starts at 700, and the scale moves through various states to courage at 200.  The states below that (pride, anger, desire, fear, grief, apathy, guilt and shame) are life diminishing, and usually involve a sense of victimization.  The good news is that if I am in one of these wretched states, and I can bring myself to face it, my calibration level will come up to courage at 200, and I can start to deal with enough energy to make a difference.  Further, if I can be with the negative state, just as it is, and even ask for it to increase, the energy will leak out of it and it will disappear.

Hawkins says, "The technique is to be with the feeling and surrender all efforts to modify it in any way.  Let go of wanting to resist the feeling. It is resistance that keeps the feeling going.  When you give up resisting or trying to modify the feeling,it will shift to the next feeling and be accompanied by a lighter sensation.  A feeling that is not resisted will disappear as the energy behind it dissipates."  (Hawkins, Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender, location 496)

What is the point of all this?  What am I supposed to be learning, and then teaching others?  It's not that negative feelings are "bad," and so I need to find a way of not having them.  Abraham says they are a useful indication that we have diverged from our true selves, our connection with Source.  They provide contrast, as in knowing what we don't want, we know what we do want, and the rocket of desire goes out to the Universe, which says YES to it, and then all we have to do is get ourselves up to a high enough vibration to be a match to who we have already  become in the non-physical world, and what we have "asked" for will manifest.  Law of Attraction says so, and I can see that that could be true.  In fact, my life is a testament that it is true.

Clearly it's about raising calibration, raising my point of attraction, my vibration, so that I am resonating higher, with more desirable, more enjoyable states of consciousness.  Finding the ways to let go of what is unwanted, even if it means I have to be with it in order to let it go.

Yes, that feels I can breathe.